Acase Vanilla Cappucino Leather Case
-   Sony Xperia ZR
USD $20
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  • Compatible models: Sony Xperia ZR
  • Material: (Exterior) Synthetic Leather, (Interior) Micro Fiber
  • Color: Brown, Gray, Orange

Compatible models: Sony Xperia ZR Material: (Exterior) Synthetic Leather, (Interior) Micro Fiber Color: Brown, Gray, Orange

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Inspired from Italian’s innovative idea, Cappuccino embodies a romantic mind, which hides beneath the hustle and bustle of modern life. And for Vanilla, the delicate spice concentrates every wonderful taste of the coffee, guiding you to a different drinking experience. With the faith of perfect design and concept of Vanilla Cappuccino, we cultivate a high-end leather case for your Sony Xperia ZR. Having such a classic combination of pure beauty and supreme quality, you can simply wander through the street, in a leisure pace.
The elegant pattern of leather completely set off the flawless fairness of your Sony Xperia ZR, which gives you a visual feast of absolute art. Vanilla Cappuccino not only provides a beautiful appearance, but also brings a great protection. Its strong material perfectly protects your Sony Xperia ZR from scratches and dust. Also, there is an exclusive wrist strap attached to the case that prevents the Sony Xperia ZR from falling when you roam in the city.
Because of our insistence of detail and quality, Vanilla Cappucino is designed to be an ergonomic product. The volume and weight of each component, as well as every functional hole location, all meet the principle of improving user experience. Every function of Sony Xperia ZR, such as photoing, charging, playing music, is still properly operated after fit in the leather case. Vanilla Cappuccino, display your Sony Xperia ZR feature in a chic way.
Acase gives you an ergonomic innovation and new experience, leading you back to the original touch of Sony Xperia ZR. As its name “Vanilla Cappuccino”, the leather case brings a romantic style of art and technic. With such greatness, Acase Vanilla Cappuccino leather case is definitely one of a kind for a fashion person like you.
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