Acase Macaron Case
-  Samsung Note 8.0
USD $25
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.For: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
.Material: Quality genuine suede
.Dimension:      21.2CM(L)x13.9CM(W)x0.5CM(H)
.Weight: 178.9g
.Color: Brown, Grey, Green
.With auto-sleep function
.Reflexed reading angle

.For: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 .Material: Quality genuine suede .Dimension:      21.2CM(L)x13.9CM(W)x0.5CM(H) .Weight: 178.9g .Color: Brown, Grey, Green .With auto-sleep function .Reflexed reading angle

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Inspired from Parisian’s innovative idea, Macaron embodies a grateful lifestyle, which hides beneath the hustle and bustle of modern city. With the faith of perfect design and concept of Macaron, we cultivate a high-end genuine suede leather case for your Note 8.0. Having such a classic combination of pure beauty and supreme quality, you can simply wander through the streets, in a leisure pace.
Acase Macaron case for Note 8.0 is made of quality genuine suede. Its slim but strong material perfectly protects your Note 8.0 from scratches and dust. Also, we add a quality copper buckle on the leather case to strength the protection of your Note 8.0, preventing any falling during every movement. In addition to fantastic security for the device itself, Macaron provides great mobility. With its thickness and lightness, you can carry it to any place. Beside such splendid function, Macaron also brings a great appearance. The vintage chic of suede completely set off the flawless fairness of your Note 8.0, which gives you a visual feast of absolute art.
To offer user a significant experience, based on such state of art, Acase designs Macaron in a technique way. You can still access all the feature of Note 8.0, especially the auto-sleep mode. After folding the cover, you can merely turn your Note 8.0 into sleep mode. Hence, there will be no worries for turning on the screen when you incidentally open the leather case. And because of our insistence of detail and quality, Macaron is devised in an ergonomic style. The volume and weight of each component, as well as every functional hole location, all meet the principle of user experience. You can also set your Note 8.0 stood with reflexed status of the case; of course, with every function of Note 8.0 properly operated. Cappuccino, display your Note 8.0 features with entire fashion.
Acase gives you an ergonomic innovation and new experience, leading you back to the original touch of Note 8.0. As its name “Macaron”, the leather case brings a grateful style of art and technic. With such greatness, Acase Macaron genuine suede case is definitely one of a kind for a person with exquisite taste like you.
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