1. If I want to give suggestions, what can I do?
 We always welcome suggestions, no matter you are a big buyer, or a person who
just accidentally browses our website. You can become a member for the Acase family, please check “Member” for more information. If you are Youtube reviewer, or you want to film a review for our product, please contact us.
2. How do you control the qualities of your products?
 Once the factories complete the products, they will send all the products to our company, and we’ll check every single one of them to see if there are any defects or not. If there are defects, we’ll tell the factories to make all of them again. We are extremely “picky” about the qualities, because we want the costumers to enjoy the best Acase products.
3. How do you make your products?
 We have a few designers in our company: They design the products first, and then provide the blueprints of the new products to our partner factories. The factories then send the samples to our company, and we check the qualities. If the samples reach the standard, we then inform the factories to do the mass productions. That is how the things work!
4. Where are you from?
 Our headquarter is in Taipei City, Taiwan.
If you what to know more about us, please check “About Us” on our website.